East  spend thousands of colors Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 to  paint industries, is the largest collection paint research and  development, production, management, sales in one of the diversified  high-tech enterprise group, which owns Guangdong Chemical Co., Ltd.  spent thousands of colors Jiangsu  spend thousands of colors Chemical Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jia Ersen  Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangmen 1000 color painting Paint Chemical  Engineering Co., Ltd. and a number of upstream and downstream  enterprises, and the establishment of Jiangmen history a professional  football clubs - Jiangmen spend thousands of colors Football Club Co., Ltd., the leading PRD Futsal Super Soccer League.

Guangdong  to spend thousands of colors Chemical Co., China's first overseas  Chinese in Guangdong Jiangmen Xinhui, headquarters covers an area of  40,000 square meters, designed annual production capacity of 30,000  tons, currently employs 160 people. Spend  thousands of colors Jiangsu Nantong Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in  Hai'an County, Jiangsu, founded in 2011, it covers an area of 21,000  square meters, with web-based paint and other pre-coating paint. Guangdong Jia Ersen Chemical Co., Ltd. launched the "Jia Ersen"  brand, with heavy-duty coatings and flooring, paint the runway as the  operational development direction.

Comprehensive  strength among the forefront of China's coating industry, has won the  civilized unit of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province demonstration  enterprises honorary title of integrity of the law, spent thousands of  colors has a national post-doctoral workstations, the Guangdong  Provincial Environmental Protection functional coatings engineering  technology research center, the Pearl River Delta Futsal Super League overall title and the contractor companies. Early  in 1998 the company passed the ISO9001 international quality management  system certification, the leading products have won the highest  environmental certification, "China Environmental Labeling Product  Certification" and "China Compulsory Certification 3C", and the State  Standardization Administration of Guangdong Province Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the "adopting international standard product certification mark."

Spend  thousands of colors to "make healthy people, making healthy businesses,  health products, health achievements of the community," the companies  aim to lead the Chinese lacquer coatings industry healthy direction and  culture, known as China's first brand health lacquer. We  spent thousands of colors within the industry's first home with paint  fine suits the convenience of experiential marketing and sales model  "healthy paint, happy football" branding model. At  present, have been established in the domestic market is more perfect  operation, sales and service system, product sales network throughout  the provinces, terminal penetration has reached the township level.